Web Application

The evolution of Lone Workers tour systems

The best way to manage your lone workers schedules and tasks-assignments

User Management

MyLoneWorkers web application allows total control on different company entries’ levels: administrators, managers, lone workers companies, workers and clients. A MyLoneWorkers manager can control all the parameters regarding the levels down in the hierarchy.

MyLoneWorkers web application lets you add and edit all relevant information regarding the various users roles and allows the total remote management of any incident, worker, shcedule, client related to the lone worker tour company or organization.

Advanced Reporting

There are four basic reporting options, enabling export to PDF or excel format for further processing:

  •  Finished Scheduled Route Report, which informs about all accomplished or missed tours within a specific time interval.
  •  Clients Events Report, including all events for a specific client with full details.
  •  Incidents Report, including all events filtered by clients' sites or workers.
  •  Lone Worker Daily Tour Duration Report, informing about exact time and duration of accomplished lone worker tours.
  • Manage and assign checkpoints

    The account manager using MyLoneWorkers can easily assign checkpoints (QR-codes, NFC tags, Beacons) via the web interface of MyLoneWorkers. Each chekcpoint is assigned to a specific client site and location and so predefined tours can be scheduled for each lone worker. Checkpoints assignment is the core of MyLoneWorkers tour monitoring software as it interconnects mobile and web application via checkpoints scan accomplished by the lone workers.

    Increase your Lone Workers company’s efficiency

    MyLoneWorkers real-time management system incorporates several features that will help you maximize your productivity and gain customers’confidence.

  •  Remote managemet via cloud server infrastracture
  •  Real-time lone worker tracking and GPS positioning
  •  Comprehensive data analysis of any worker tour
  •  Accurate history log
  •  Automation and accountability
  • Mobile Application

    Add value to your lone workers services

    Simplify lone workers’ tasks via cloud and smartphone technology

    Start a Lone Worker Tour

    You can now start a new tour by the simple press of a button. Lone Worker task accomplishment is now easier than ever via your smartphone.

    Just get on the place, launch MyLoneWorkers mobile app and Start a tour. At the same moment, an alarm event is sent to the MyLoneWorkers web application via a cloud server, indicating that a new tour has just launched.

    Add Multimedia files

    You can not only send events but also communicate with the managing staff via multimedia interaction, including:

  •  Text messages
  •  Images captured at the moment of activity
  •  Audio messages
  • All of the messages include signature validation to claim legal processes and extinguish ambiguity for lone worker’s activities.

    Lone Worker Incident Reports

    When a lone worker comes up with an urgent situation, he can send an immediate SOS alert to the monitoring center pressing the red SOS button. In addittion, he can choose between a list of predefined incidents to send, such as:

  •  A broken front door
  •  Missing keys
  •  Open Lights
  •  Broken Windows etc.
  • A lone worker tour checkpoint system

    It could never be more simple and real-time!

    Just pass from the buildings where checkpoints are placed (QRcode, Beacons or NFC tags), scan QR codes,  pass the smartphone above NFC or scan Beacons from distance and a tour event will be visible in the MyLoneWorkers web application in real-time. It simply means:

  •  Higher security level for both lone workers and assets, as the managing staff is now aware of lone worker's position and can take immediate action in a case of alert
  •  No need for special security equipment (only a smartphone!)
  •  High reliability towards clients, as they can receive real-time email alerts when workers have finished their work at the client's site.
  • MyLoneWorkers Pricing

    A Lone Worker app to manage Lone Workers activities efficiently

    MyLoneWorkers BASE

      •  Incident Reporting
      •  Monitoring Tools
      •  Geolocation
      •  Scheduling

    MyLoneWorkers PRO

      •  Mobile Management
      •  Push to Talk
      •  Man Down Alert
      •  API Access

    MyLoneWorkers GOLD

      •  Trail Workers
      •  Personalized Login Screen
      •  Branded Reports
      •  Virtual Checkpoints